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Svenska Turistföreningen

Turistgården Töcksfors
Elgerudsvägen 1
SE-670 10 Töcksfors

Things to do

The area around the small community Töcksfors are characterized by beautiful countryside with forests and numerous lakes, which made for hiking, fishing and canoeing.


The water is crystal clear and along the canal, with its lakes, it is sparsely between the houses so it is easy to find a perfect resting or camping place. In the deep forests there are trails suitable for both a short morning stroll and a longer hike. The forests are full of both deer, moose, hare, fox, lynx, wolf...


Töcksfors is also greatly influenced by cross-border shopping. There are two shopping centers with around 60 stores.  


Are you interested in cars, photography or just want to experience something different is Ivanssons scrapyard, Båstnäs car cemetery, well worth a visit. Several 100 cars from the 40’s, 50’s and 60's left behind in the forest. Nature is taking over and the trees are growing through the cars...